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" In recent years, documentation I've collected and converted to plain text has been announced on lists but not referenced with a public link on the front page of my site. Until I redesign my site, I appreciate others, such as Inthane and Jim Homme, making the material easier to find for anyone who did not get or save the original email announcement.
Below is a comprehensive list of relatively current and mostly programming related collections"

simply click on a link to start the download of the package you desire

.net 2.0 framework help files converted from ..hsx into structured text format ( *Note: this is a 25 Mb file).

AutoIt 3

C and C++, ADO.NET, and ASP.NET

Clipper 5.2

Computer Algebra Systems

HTML, XML, and JScript Tutorials


JAWS 5.1

JAWS 6.0

JAWS 7.0

JAWS 7.1

JAWS 8.0

Microsoft Data Access Components

Microsoft Office


Miscellaneous database and SQL

Miscellaneous software

Norton System Works

NoteTab 4.95


Perl 5


Programming, miscellaneous, including: regular expressions, algorithms, OOP,and Linux

PowerBasic 7

PowerShell text tutorial




Visual Basic 6

Visual, ADO.NET, and ASP.NET

Visual Basic for Applications, XP

Visual Basic Scripting Edition 5.6

WinBatch 2005

Windows XP

X base ++ 1.9

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