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Inthane's Cell Phone Links

ok folks, below are the links and information I have gathered for various types of phones.
right now it is mostly collections of notes and links in zip files, but as i get more stuff i will start breaking it down into related groups!

Android Phones

here is the android phone package, it is not specific to any single android phone, but has information on several units, as well as helpful hints, applications, sites, tutorials, and any lists i have herd of for them
click here to download the Android Phone Info package

iPhone Information package

and here is the same type of collection for the iPhone (this may as well assist iPad and iPod users) this package is a bit more extensive, due to the popularity of discussing the iPhone on the lists. Hints on how to do specific things, tutorials or there locations, specialized lists, and manual locations can be found in this zip package:
Link to download the iPhone information Package!

Samsung Haven links!

Samsung Haven Tour zip file, By Curtis and Karen Delzer

Manual for the Samsung Haven translated from braille to Text format.

LG has been making a lot of partially accessible phones, so this section is for notes and hints on there products

LG Revere Manuals(PDF & TXT versions zipped together)

the lately, diffacult to get manual for the LG revere 2, in .PDF and .txt in a zip file:
Revere 2 manual download

Miscellaneous Links

and here are all the assorted links to items that can be fun to work with. ringtone collections, links to ringtone editors, and all such things that make your phone fun and distinctive!!
Curtis and Karen Delzer's 6000 Plus ring tones collection (zipped file)

a batch of over 200 ring tones made by a lady on the blind verizon list who had just learned how to do this a day before!

and here is the requested collection of Inthanes Animal sound clips for use and/or conversion to MP3 for ringtones.
Inthane's Animal Sounds files zipped

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